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2014 Dimensions Track Information

As an attendee at Dimensions 2014, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of sessions within the following tracks with many of these sessions qualifying for Professional Development Hours (PDH). These educational tracks ensure that you get all the information you expect from this leading conference.

  • Agriculture

    • Explore the latest technologies in Precision Agriculture and how integrating these technologies into your business can improve everyday planning and overall strategy for your farming operation. The sessions will include information about how you can connect your farm to collect, manage, and use data to operate more efficiently and increase your ROI. Hear from industry experts and customers on how you can meet your organization's needs on a global scale. This track is designed for farm owners or anyone involved in the decision making process and will help you learn how to make the best decisions for your farm, save on costs and improve crop performance and productivity year after year.
  • Construction

    • Building Design, Construction & Operation
    • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Civil Infrastructure

    • Sessions in this track will cover a wide variety of topics including solutions for airports, civil engineering, dams, rail, roads and bridges, tunnels and utilities. (Final session information available when the on-line catalog is launched in early September.)
  • Engineering, Mapping and Surveying

    • Track 1: Geospatial Data Collection Solutions for Surveyors, Photogrammetrists, and Mapping Professionals

      Explore how you can utilize the latest data collection methods and technologies to build industry-specific deliverables. From learning about the latest in GNSS technology to creating intuitive tailored workflows in Trimble Access field software, surveyors, photogrammetrists, and mapping professionals will discover how they can improve their data collection workflows.

      Track 2: Geospatial Data Processing for Civil Engineers, Surveying, Mapping, and Photogrammetry Professionals

      This track examines how you can more efficiently and effectively manage and process large sets of data and produce powerful deliverables using Trimble software solutions.

      Track 3; Project Management for Surveying Professionals

      Learn how you can simplify your business operations and manage spatial data with Trimble's latest technology solutions for geospatial project management.

      Track 4: Mapping Technology and Customized Workflows for GIS Professionals

      GIS mapping professionals will learn to make the most of their resources by using the best collaborative software, collection methods and data processing solutions from Trimble.

      Track 5: Transforming Data Into Intelligence - Faster Data Modeling and Analysis For Engineers and Surveyors

      What you do with the data once it has been collected can be the differentiating factor in a project – particularly when a decision is dependent on that data. Discover how built-in and automated workflow operations within the most comprehensive software solutions, can help you process, model, and analyze your data more quickly and produce powerful deliverables for immediate decision-making.

      Track 6: Trimble Geospatial Advanced Positioning Technology - Mobile and Aerial Spatial Data Capture

      Surveyors and Mapping professionals will learn about the latest positioning technology advancements, including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), aerial imaging systems, and mobile mapping workflows and applications. Gain an understanding of how these technologies can collect more data in less time when your job requires it.

      Track 7: Geospatial Data is Rapidly Changing our World - Look Ahead into the Future of Surveying

      The data being collected by surveying and mapping professionals is increasingly being used in multiple industries such as; civil infrastructure, oil & gas, mining, land administration, utilities, or local government. This track will look toward the future of geospatial data and its potential in these applications and more.

      Track 8: Solutions for Estimators, Civil and Project Engineers

      Accurate and timely digital designs are fundamental to a heavy civil construction project. With the adoption of positioning technology, data preparation, management and tracking for the entire construction lifecycle is critical. This track looks at how civil and project engineers, as well as estimators and bidders can leverage Trimble's heavy civil construction software portfolio to create an accurate site design manage plan phasing and progress, make updates when needed, and easily share information across the entire project team. It also explores both the challenges that data can present on construction projects and how to leverage data for better decisions that decrease costly mistakes and increase productivity in the office and on the job site. Sessions will include a mix of classroom presentations, hands on at a computer lab and hands on at the offsite demo facility. Sessions at the computer lab and offsite are limited so be sure to sign up early!

      Track 9: Solutions for Construction Surveyors

      Taking control of your site positioning and measuring needs allows construction surveyors to perform work at every stage faster, with fewer errors and always make informed decision having the latest data in-hand.

      This track explores how Trimble Site Positioning Systems and other solutions give construction surveyors and contractors the precision they need to stake, measure and monitor the site — with the workflows and rugged equipment to be efficient, predictable and profitable. Targeted at grade checkers, site engineers, site surveyors and survey technicians, project engineers and civil engineers, it will provide an in-depth look at how Trimble technology improves control validation, as-built measurements, stake-out, grade checking, quality control and progress monitoring throughout the lifecycle of the construction project. Sessions will demonstrate how leveraging Trimble Site Positioning and Connected Site solutions improve the information and data-flow between the office and field for more predictable results, time lines and earthmoving operations. Sessions will include a mix of classroom presentations, hands on at a computer lab and hands on at the offsite demo facility. Sessions at the computer lab and offsite are limited so be sure to sign up early!

  • Government

    • Track 1: Solutions for Government Organizations and Projects

      In this track, you will hear best practices and lessons learned regarding how Trimble solutions streamlined projects and workflows in a variety of local government projects including; operations, community engagement, remote sensing, mobile audits and inspections, management of built environment data, spatial analysis, visualization of location information, asset management, and much more, to address the needs of local governments and improve levels of service.

      Track 2: Trends in Land Administration

      This track analyzes trends within the land administration space from geodetic control and data collection in the field to GIS, cadastral, and land registry software in the office. Learn about unique Trimble workflows that combine survey, GIS, land records management and SDI, with field software such as Trimble Penmap and/or office software solutions such us Trimble landfolio. Find out how these powerful tools work to meet the diverse requirements of government agencies while reducing costs, enhancing security, creating transparency and improving customer service. Worldwide use cases from all segments of the land administration life cycle from diverse geographies will be presented. Join us in the opportunity to learn from the experience of others.

  • Natural Resources

    • Track 1: Landfill and Environmental Resource Management

      Gain a better understanding of Trimble's environmental solutions – from landfill gas monitoring to aerial photogrammetry to compaction control – Trimble solutions are making it easier to monitor, manage and improve data communications and workflow efficiencies both in the field and in the office.

      Track 2: Mining

      Learn about Trimble's newest developments in product strategy and technology for the mining industry. From aerial mapping to mine information systems, Trimble is growing its portfolio of innovative solutions that enable mining companies to use accurate and timely information to improve productivity, profitability and safety. In the Mining Track, we will cover the latest technologies in mine information systems, unmanned aerial imaging systems, infrastructure planning software, machine control applications, slope stability monitoring, and wireless mesh communications.

      Track 3: Oil & Gas

      In the Oil & Gas industries, actionable information is a critical element to optimizing your operations. Intelligent data used for decision making increasingly depends upon the integration of multiple pieces of information and location data is a key component. Trimble technology for the Oil & Gas industries can help you reduce costs and increase your operational efficiency; from exploration and production, to pipeline transmission and distribution. Come and explore several of these applications happening today.

      Track 4: Solutions for Marine Applications

      Positioning in the marine environment presents unique challenges beyond land-based positioning. Trimble solutions in marine include a wide range of technologies and products that address these challenges. They include scanning solutions for bridge and pier inspections, inertial navigation and positioning systems, dredging and marine excavation, DGPS beacon navigation systems, vessel and barge positioning solutions, products for port and harbor construction and maintenance, bridge and pier piling solutions, hydrographic surveying tools, and many more. This track will include sessions that cover both the latest advances in Trimble technology, and presentations of user applications in marine.

  • Transportation and Logistics

    • Track 1: Transforming Service Delivery: A Multi-Industry View

      Delivering service excellence proves a constant challenge for a wide variety of industries. Whether it is preventative maintenance on a vital asset or visiting a consumer home within an agreed appointment window, getting it right first time is the key to success. Using location, scheduling and optimization tools, the Trimble Field Service Management (FSM) suite allows you to assign the best resource, in advance or in real-time, to ensure you deliver on your commitments in the most effective way. FSM gives you unique visibility across your entire field operation, allowing you to manage your work, mobile workers and fleet in one place. Join us at Dimensions to learn how businesses are balancing cost and service, improving first time fix rates, managing complex mobile resources, improving measurement and analysis of service performance and discover what emerging technology and tools will affect field service delivery in the future.

      Track 2: Solutions for Ready Mix and Aggregate Fleet Managers

      Explore the progressive range of vehicle hardware and mobile/office software solutions for the construction materials industry, with a strong focus on Ready Mix and Aggregate businesses. Learn how Trimble's Construction Logistics solution portfolio is enabling collaboration, collecting actionable intelligence and facilitating business process automation for increased operational efficiency and valuable return on investment.

      Track 3: Rail

      Applications of positioning and scanning technologies to railway track construction and maintenance. This track will feature end users presenting on the successful application of Trimble's GEDO track construction, track measuring and clearance scanning technology in passenger rail, light rail and tram construction and maintenance projects in Europe and North America.

  • Utilities and Telecommunications

    • Track 1: Energy Distribution for Electric and Gas

      Trimble Energy Distribution Utilities serves electric and gas distribution utilities with an extensive offering of software, hardware and services. We provide software solutions for network information management, asset and maintenance management and advanced distribution management as well as related workforce and fieldwork management solutions. Our modular solutions provide seamless data flow through processes and fluent workflows from office to field and back.

      Track 2: Comprehensive Water Industry Solutions

      Trimble has an expanding range of solutions in the area of Water Management. These solutions meet the needs of utilities and organizations who interact with water in their day-to-day operations. The solutions include data collection, permitting, incident management, sensors and data collection, regulatory reporting and analytics

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