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Professional Development Hours

Earn While You Learn

One of the outstanding and unique benefits associated with the Trimble Dimensions User Conference is the ability to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) Qualified sessions are noted in the conference schedule and carry PDH accreditation from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). Each participant who applies for and attends PDH approved sessions will receive an official transcript from Missouri S&T listing the classes attended during the conference and the PDH's earned. This transcript may be presented to state and local agencies to document professional development hours earned toward professional license renewal.

Professional Development Training Credits: Overview of PDH-Qualified Sessions

Trimble has an abundance of PDH sessions with accreditation from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). Trimble will track your attendance at the beginning of each PDH qualified training session by scanning your unique identifier number and barcode on your name badge. If you attend PDH-qualified sessions and stay in the session, that information will be sent to Missouri S&T for transcript processing providing you have read and agreed to this online form.

Your transcript of attendance at Dimensions 2018 PDH-qualified courses may be used to document credit earned towards continuing education required by state and local boards for license renewals. However note that Trimble and/or Missouri S&T cannot guarantee that any licensing or registration board to which you submit this transcript will accept the hours appropriate to your discipline. Every board makes its own determination.

All attendees who wish to receive PDH credits must attend a minimum of 50 minutes per sessions. Attendees with a minimum attendance of less than 50 minutes will not receive credit for the respective course.

When you arrive at a training session, you will need to scan your badge upon entering the room. It is your responsibility to ensure your badge is scanned when you enter the room. The credit hour requirement is 50 minutes per each session. If you arrive 10 minutes after the start of the presentation, you will not receive any PDH credits for the session.